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Fall High School Season

Register Now

Click the register tab!

Also, if you haven’t registered yet this year:

USAWaterPolo.org (Bronze Level Minimum)

*If you played somewhere else this summer you NEED to change your affiliation to pcwp ASAP.*

We use the BAND app for team communication!

Please join it if you haven’t yet!

You can click this link: https://band.us/n/afae57Pfn0Q9S

In the BAND app, after clicking on the PCWP Band, there is a ‘chats’ section. There are separate chats for HS Girls and Boys.


Parent Meetings

The meetings will have the same content. This was done to give parents options. Keep in mind though games will start the week of the first parent meeting. (Player must be fully registered to be able to play the first week)

August 23 - 6:00pm - Ecker/PC Aquatic Center - Blue Room

August 30 - 6:00pm - Ecker/PC Aquatic Center - Blue Room

One parent must attend one of the meetings.

PCWP Teams, Leagues & Eligibility

There are 2 leagues that we are participating in this fall:

- The “High School” league.

Which is not a sanctioned league but an effort by the water polo coaches of Utah to further Utah Water Polo towards getting sanctioned. It will follow all UHSAA rules.

- The “Kearns” league.

This is unchanged from any other year except it will not be available to high school teams. Games are Saturday mornings at Kearns. (Schedule hopefully to be released by 8/22)

Park City will have 3 high school league teams

- High School Boys

- High School Girls

- A ‘Co-Op’ team.

A few details on the ‘co-op’ team - It will be referred to as the PC Red team going forward. Games will be at Kearns on Saturdays after Kearns League games. You can not play on the co-op team and a HS team. No double rostering among HS teams.

High School Eligibility - To be eligible to play on the boys or girls HS team players must be in 9th grade or above and attend Park City High School. If they don’t they must be eligible through an exemption found in the Eligibility section of the UHSAA official handbook (page 24). If you don’t qualify for an exemption you will have to play for the co-op team. Please note this is not how it will be in the Spring.

High School Players in the Kearns League - PCWP will have a 14u & 12u team in the Kearns league. You are allowed to play on a 14u team, in addition to the HS team, as long as you fit the age requirement.


- Rosters will be published by the first parent meeting

- Players who have not registered on the PCWP website AND usawaterpolo website by the first parent meeting will not be allowed to play in games until this is completed. Last minute registering before a game will likely mean you do not get to play or sit on the bench for those first games. If you have any issues with registering please reach out to Coach Josh. Do not just avoid registering.

Cap Number

Players who did not start Varsity last year please will need to tell Coach Josh what cap number you would like before the first parent meeting. If you do not you will be given a random cap number and there is no promise that it can be changed after that point. Message Coach Josh over Band or tell me in person (and I will then tell you to message it to me over Band so I don’t forget). You can present your choice in the following way:

Pick 1 (Most desired)

Pick 2

Pick 3 (Least desired)

There is no guarantee you will get any of the three but the effort to be fair in divvying out numbers will be made. Keep in mind the amount of time the player has been with PCWP will be the overall deciding factor. Also, players on age group teams may have different numbers for those teams.

Team Captains

PCWP will be electing it’s 2021-2022 Boys & Girls team captains in the coming weeks. Note that this is for our club as a whole and not just the high school teams. The position is intended to last a year (we are a year-round club) so players are encouraged to think through their decisions. Casting a vote for a teammate is to honor their commitment, their leadership and set them apart as someone who represents their team. In turn, a captain is someone who should be capable of accepting that recognition so they can work to become the leader their teammates deserve.

Rules for the PCWP Captains vote:

- Must be in 11th or 12 grade (Or of equivalent age/school progression)

- Must be capable of exemplary attendance for PCWP’s main seasons (Fall and Spring)

- Holding the title of Captain for a previous year does not guarantee the position

- There are to be 2 captains for each team ( Boys & Girls )

- At least one of the two captains nominated must be enrolled at PCHS.

- Conversely, the player does not have to attend PCHS to be eligible for a vote

- Each player will be allowed 2 votes

- You can not vote for the same person twice

- You CAN use 1 vote to vote for yourself if you choose to do so

First Practice of the Season

You MUST attend this practice!

Wednesday, August 18


Fall Season Practices

Boys Only (Mandatory)

Mondays 7:00-9:00pm

Girls Only (Mandatory)

Mondays 3:00-5:00pm


Tuesday through Friday - 3:00-5:00pm

The weekly HS game on Tuesday or Wednesday will cancel that days practice

Fall High School League Games

- Park City is 5A

- We must play all other 5A team at least once before 5A state

- A spot in the championship tournament is not guaranteed. We must qualify through 5A tournament placement

- You MUST be able to be in town for ALL days October 14-16 to be rostered on a HS team. (The Co-op team is available instead if you are unable to commit to this)

- All possible pool locations for the season can be located here:


WK H/A Date PCHS Boys/Girls Start Time Location
1 Home 8/25 Brighton (Boys only) B - 7:00pm Park City Aquatic Center


Away 9/1 Murray G - 4:30pm

B - 5:30pm

The Park Center in Murray
3 Home 9/8 Wasatch B - 7:00pm

G - 8:00pm

Park City Aquatic Center


-- 9/10-


HS Invitational Tournament

(Boys only)

TBA Park City Aquatic Center
4 Away 9/14 Olympus TBA Olympus High Aquatics
5 Home 9/22 Maple Mountain G - 7:00pm

B - 8:00pm

Park City Aquatic Center
6 Away 9/28 Springville G - 6:00pm

B - 7:00pm

Clyde Recreation Center
7 Home 10/6 Skyline B - 7:00pm

G - 8:00pm

Park City Aquatic Center
8 -- 10/7-


(Tournament) 5A High School Finals TBA TBA
9 -- 10/14-



High School Championship

TBA (Likely) Park City Aquatic Center among others


In the, hopefully unlikely event, changes need to be made to the calendar there will be a message sent out to players/parents via BAND. This will start happening after the first parent meeting. Note that the PCWP website does auto-update but not until up to 8 hours later.

Other Fall Season Related Information

Team Parties

PCWP Fall Bash
September 8th
For All PCWP Teams and Ages
Food & Water Games
* PCWP HS Boys will have a game at 7:00pm and Girls at 8:00pm
@Park City Aquatic Center

End of Fall Season Party
October 20th
For PCHS HS & Co-Op Teams
Food & Parents vs Players Game
@Park City Aquatic Center

Dates to Remember

PCHS ‘Homecoming’ Weekend

September 17-18

End of First PCSD Quarter

October 13

Start of High School Sanctioned Swim Season

September 27th

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