Spring Season Parent Meeting

    Spring Season is almost here!

    High School Water Polo (8th-12th Grade) starts Feb 24th 3-5p at Ecker Pool M-F

    Parent Meeting is Tuesday 2/25 at 5:15 PM in the Blue Room at Ecker Pool.  Be there for up to date announcements for the season. 

    Youth Water Polo Season starts Feb 24th  6:30-8p @ Ecker Pool  MWF

    Parent Meeting is March 2nd at 6:30p Blue Room @ Ecker Pool. 

    If you want to join for the first time, come to practice for our free week 2/24 to see if this is for you.  If you know this is your sport, please register on our website.  Have questions -please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

    Important Items for Spring 2020 Season

    PCWP MISSION STATEMENT - Park City Water Polo’s mission is to expand our base by providing a positive experience for all players, to provide an opportunity for players to enhance their skills and move up to more competitive rosters, and lastly to provide high level coaching, travel opportunities, clinics and game experience to provide an opportunity to play in college.

    REGISTRATION – Please register as soon as you can. If you are reading this and have not registered please do so today at https://parkcitywaterpolo.com

    REGISTRATION CLOSES March 28 – Dues are $325/High School $200/Youth $50/splashball

    * $50 discount coupon given to all volunteers who have signed up for positions

    FREE WEEK - Bring a friend ~ if you know someone, ask them to come out this week and next. We need to grow the program in the 8-12 year old group. Please help. Feb 24th -March 6th

    TEAMS Varsity Boys Varsity Girls JV Boys JV Girls 14U, 12U, 10U

    Age as of August 1st, 2020

    We double roster many players.

    Team rosters will be available and posted to the website and Band

    SCHEDULE - see calendar on Band or Website - changes so check often


    Kearns Spring Tourney

    Youth Battle of the Ages - Youth only

    JV Quickfire 24 hour - JV only

    Summer Games or other TBD

    State Tournaments - all age groups

    TEAM SUITS - are now available. Team suits are Mandatory for Games

    Store closes March 7

    TEAM APPAREL – The store is now open with NEW DESIGNS. There is a mandatory girls and boys uniform bundle(High School only). Youth is not required however we encourage them all to buy lots of team gear. You can also buy individual items. Go ahead and purchase now. Park City is one of the best teams in the state. So let's dress like. It. Parents buy your Spirit wear. Store Closes March 7th. It won't open again until Spring season. Buy now before you miss out!


    TEAM BACKPACKS – Cost is $75 which includes the backpack and embroidery. This one backpack should last throughout your PC water polo career.

    PCWP STRENGTH TRAINING– Crossfit 2 days per week – 18 sessions $180 paid to Park City Cross Fit near Burt Brothers Jeremy Ranch

    -Water Polo Specific training program with your team

    -Should Pre-Hab strengthen your shoulder to prevent injury and strain

    -Weight lifting


    -Core strengthening

    Tuesday and Thursday 5:45-6:45

    Anyone interested please text Todd Bryson 949-244-9746

    CARPOOL – For those that wish to form a carpool from Treasure/PC High to Ecker pool I encourage you to come to parent meeting. We will ask parents that need to be part of a carpool to organize themselves but this will be a great time to get a group together.

    COMMUNICATION – BAND APP- download now. Josh to explain at the parent meeting

    FACEBOOK – Follow the Facebook page to see results, photos, updates and less urgent news regarding Park City Water Polo.

    VOLUNTEERS Everyone volunteer for something and get $50 off registration .



    COACHES - 2 Head coaches and several volunteer coaches to attend every practice.

    EXPECTED BEHAVIOR - Read the website on expectations as a player and parent

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